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In today’s world everything is digital, even money. Crypto assets have been garnering attention from industries all over the world. But most companies handle crypto assets the old way. Papers, papers, papers. It’s not efficient. What we need is a new way to handle crypto assets. Cipher Assets is a platform that can help you keep control and account of all your digital money. It provides a tool management for all your cryptocurrency investment.


Manage your crypto assets with the multi-functional features of Cipher Assets from trade tracking, trade tracing, multi-channel APIs, and more.


Crypto Asset Management made simple


Made by Industry Experts


Specialized for Cryptocurrency


Hash post trades on R3 Corda


Hash standing settlement instructions on R3 Corda


Bid/Ask order matching via R3 Corda


With funds comes trust. A good crypto asset platform should give clear insights to investors and regulators by keeping the books in order.


To maintain 100% accuracy, we use two individual sets of records for all of your figures. This provides consistency for all your crypto assets.

Track Transfers

Crypto asset investment and trading can be managed with Cipher Assets. Transfer crypto from different sources to your account and ensure no transfer will go unnoticed between exchanges, cold storages or hot wallets.


Track Trades

Cipher Assets is the only crypto asset platform integrated over 7 different exchanges. This makes it easy to track your holdings and do trading on our platform via our partners. No trade will go unnoticed.


Stay on top of the overflowing data in OTC Desks. Cipher Assets can handle high volume and still keep track and control of all transactions so you can focus on your core business.

Buyer/Seller API

Our API exposes buys and sells to easily integrate them with all relevant channels. Cipher Asset will automatically ping relevant groups you want to reach. The platform is efficient enough that when transactions are completed, the information is removed.

SSI Creation

To make transactions smooth, there has to be structured and standirised data. Your buys/sells will follow a clear and structured system with our SSI. We used Corda R3 to hash the SSI’s, exposing the data that is needed during each transaction process.

Trace and Transfer

OTC tracing and transfer takes a huge effort, especially on paper/excel. Cipher Asset OTC management makes high data volume tracking and transferring easy and secure. Keep regulators and clients satisfied by giving them clear insight.


Our tools are easy to use. And we’d love to show you how to optimize them.
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