Cipher Assets is a technology driven company focused on creating crypto asset management software for funds & crypto OTC desks. By creating and building a professional IT infrastructure and back office software, we are able to professionalize the whole crypto asset management space. Our aim is to innovate the accounting system to lessen the inefficiency, coase and lack of overview.

The name ‘Cipher Assets’ is inspired by its own definition. “Cipher” is known in cryptography as a series of specific steps that reveal a message. And Cipher Assets is your step towards managing your crypto assets more easily and efficiently with our tooling.

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is dynamic this new asset class requires a dedicated tooling and team. Cipher Assets is a team of blockchain and IT experts that provide a suit of crypto asset management tools to help clients keep holdings controlled and accounted for.

Our in-depth knowledge in technical and operational aspects aims to go beyond the limitations cryptocurrency and investment face.



Our well-versed and skilled team members with expertise and experience in the crypto asset industry. 

Amadeo Brands

Amadeo Brands

Co-founder - CEO

Jan-Willem Verhees

Jan-Willem Verhees

Co-founder - CTO

Roy Selbach

Roy Selbach



With the rise of the cryptocurrency market, cryptocurrencies flow from channels left and right. The digital world tapped into an unknown potential that sprung confusion and inspiration altogether. What most people saw as a dead end, Cipher Asset saw a challenge. We aim to make cryptocurrency as simple as we can. We account, advise, track, trace, transfer, and reconcile your crypto assets to make it crypto trade easier. By connecting with people, every client becomes a long-term partner in making the ultimate professional infrastructure to manage crypto assets.


Our mission is to build a strong and hardened infrastructural software for crypto asset management that will make managing this new asset class easier, safer and more accurate so much more, that institutional and professional investors can move into this asset class.


In the coming years, digital assets are expected to go to a parabolic growth. Cipher Assets wants to build crypto asset managment tooling that will onboard more institutianal investors into this new asset class. In achieving that, we become the go-to trusted and acknowledged service provider for funds and OTC desks worldwide.